Six Months

6 Month Mark in Real Estate


Well! It’s been six wonderful months since I began my career in Real Estate and… I haven’t quit. 

The 6 month mark can tell you a lot about a career: 

  • You have clearly passed your “3-month” probationary period where your superiors have had the time to get to know you and your work ethic, and evaluate your professional conduct. They have given you feedback, you have used this as constructive criticism and applied it to your daily workings. 
  • You have had the opportunity to assess your co-workers and bosses, and realized that you can or can’t work with/for them
  • You somewhat know the tasks to your job and can accomplish them in a timely and efficient manner


Real estate is not like most careers. Although with any career, you’re always learning with new work experiences from year to year, in real estate… every deal is unique, is a learning opportunity, and a surprise.


In six months, I have not had every sale possible to expose me to everything I should expect in my career. In fact, the very opposite, I still feel like I’m starting on Day One every day.


This may shock people: “How are you still working in real estate after six months if you have only had one sale? Doesn’t that tell you something?” 


Why yes. Yes it does. It tells me that everything I read about real estate before getting into the business was true. That I shouldn’t expect a paycheck for six months. That it takes time, that it takes commitment, repeated behaviours, and perseverance. That it will pay off. But the fact that I have had the one sale gives me hope. I have accomplished what real estate told me I would in the time slot. Some may have accomplished it earlier or later. I feel that I am just on track. That there are slow weeks and busy weeks. That in the slow weeks, I concentrate on those repeated daily behaviours that will get me closer to my goal. 


Repeated Behaviours: 

I recently read a book - a fable about the success myths in business. It told me that I should not set goals. I thought that was crazy - I have been setting goals and writing them down my whole life, and a lot of people do this in a variety of ways - vision boards, day planners and reminders, sticking a photo of something desired on your fridge, or creating a board of everything you want on Pinterest. This is useless if you can’t set the steps (i.e. behaviours) to reach that goal. Sticking a photo of money on my fridge is not one of those behaviours. It’s pinning a dream on your fridge and sitting and hoping for it to come true. 


Therefore, I have pinned that phrase on my cork board in my office: “Don’t set goals, set behaviours” and every morning, I am reminded to write down the tasks (behaviours) that I need to accomplish that day. When I accomplish the task, I scratch it off my list in my day planner. This is not sitting, and hoping. It's doing. 


In the past couple of weeks, the market and real estate has slowed down. Calls are fewer, open house customers are fewer or none, and activity is down. It definitely is a slower season. I was beginning to feel stagnant. I left North Bay for a day and half to drive my mother to Toronto - and of course Murphy’s Law happened. Everyone needed me. 


I received showing request calls on my properties, and past clients sent me a message letting me know they were back in the home buying business and wanted my help. This gave me just the boost I needed, and I scurried back home like a kid at Christmas. 


Since that moment, it has been two weeks and I have been showing houses to two past clients - one who has an accepted offer on a property, and the other who is getting close to choosing between contenders, I am on the verge of receiving my first commission cheque, and I have had recent activity on my listings due to price reductions. 


All this to say, when I thought it was going to be slow, it picked up out of nowhere. When I thought I was becoming stagnant and no one was moving, everyone started moving. When I thought I may not hear from past clients, my iPhone exploded with notifications. 


I am now certain this career will be a rollercoaster. It will be emotional, it will be running on adrenaline some of the time, and it will be a game of patience throughout my life. I am so excited to continue down this road, and I am so fortunate to work with amazing colleagues, and clients. 


- Realtor Jess