Spring has Sprung Early!

For all those thinking of Selling - you may start early this year! The rain has arrived, the snow is melting, the ice shacks are coming off the lake, and we had a little bit of sunshine and birds chirping this week. 

This means as prospective Sellers - you may start preparing your home to sell! 

Here are a few Spring To-Do's before the Listing:

  • Start de-cluttering: they don't call it spring cleaning for nothing! Start purging, throwing away items that have been sitting around for too long with no use, donate or make a dump run and throw out all the garbage or renovating materials that you've been keeping stored in your garage all winter. You know the drill. 
  • With all this rain - maintain the melt! Make sure you don't have pools of water forming near your foundation. While the snow is soft and melting, try shoveling most of it away from your home. Adjust downspouts and eaves through's that have been compromised by the winter storms.
  • Give your house a thorough cleaning: wash your walls, doors, baseboards, wash your carpets, floors, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and windows. This is the time to get into all the nooks and crannies. 
  • Consider freshening up the little things in your home: painting walls, baseboards and casing, replacing old hardware, etc. Maybe freshening up old wood cabinets. 


Tackling these Spring Cleaning tips should get your home ready for the sell and should make it show-worthy!

For more helpful tips on getting your home ready, design and staging advice, don't hesitate to contact me at 705-825-1122, jessica@c21northbay.com

- Jess

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