Thoughts on Working in Your Own Personal Paradise

While sipping on my morning coffee on this fine spring day (with a fresh layer of snow on the ground), I am not perturbed. In fact, I feel great. Back in my element. 

I was reading an article this morning in Forbes Magazine (online) about jobs you may not have thought are like working in your own personal paradise. Obviously not for everyone, but some included: Ski Instructor, State/Provincial Park Ranger or Park Superintended, and Chef. These are all jobs, just like what the rest of us have, but some of them specifically apply to an environment that makes them happy such a specific sport, the great outdoors, or surrounded by food and a world of flavours. If this is really one's element, it doesn't feel like a job. It just feels great. 

How can this really affect your life compared to conventional jobs? It's story telling time. 

I recently flew back from Las Vegas, Nevada. It was my first vacation since being a registered Realtor with Century 21. 

These are the things I learned: 

I found it was difficult leaving, even for 4 days. 

  • In a way, I was so excited to get away and have some breathing room from real estate. To finally relax and clear my mind and know: I don't have to e-mail anyone, or make a to-do list today. However, it was difficult leaving that list in another's hands. I have been so attached to my routine, and so consistent with my to-do's, that I wasn't sure another person could manage my list the way I could. My clients had become my babies: to be nurtured and cared for. 

Although I typically disconnect when I am away.

  • I couldn't help but connect to the hotel WiFi to check in with the Realtor looking after my clients every day
  • So I guess you can't seriously disconnect when you're a Realtor?

Flying back home.

  • I was so excited to get back to my business. On the flight, I was already starting to make a list of my to-do's when I got back, and eager to make the calls to my clients and get back in the game. 

While reading this, some of you may think: she's crazy or she didn't enjoy her vacation

On the contrare! I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation as it marked an nominal milestone in my life. My now fiancé proposed to me in the most romantic way possible, in front of the Bellagio Hotel, during the water fountain light and music show. It was perfect, and it was all captured on video. A memory I will hold dear forever. The vacation was truly unforgettable. 

But, as I sit here pondering on this article, it did make me think: wow, I must love my job. I am truly in my own personal paradise of a job. And it is for many reasons...

Real Estate is:

  • an independent contractor 
  • a lifestyle choice
  • a risk
  • an excellent payoff if you work hard at it

And it is so much more than that. You make your own schedule, and have to stick to it. You have to manage your time, and make lists, and accomplish the bullets. You get to meet clients, build relationships with them, and make them lasting. They may eventually become your close friends. You get to be part of everyone's major milestone: buying their first home. You get to meet so many great people in the business who enjoy the thrill of it just as much as you do. You are your own boss in a way, and flexibility is your friend. Dreams come true faster. 

If you are reading this, and considering a career in real estate, please contact me. I would love to share the whirlwind of an experience I have been through so far in my second career. 

Love your job, be happy in your job, or get out!

- Realtor Jess


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