Santa Claus Parade 2016

T'was a delight to wake up on Sunday morning to the snowfall right on time for the annual Santa Claus Parade. Century 21 Blue Sky Region Realty Inc. Brokerage always gears up with a great float. This year's theme was "Comic", and so we pulled our heads together and came up with Batman, Robin and the Elves fighting together to save Christmas as we chained up The Joker, The Penguin and The Ridler. Batman and Robin also called upon a new team of Superheroes to join them in their fight - C21 Superheroes, wearing gold capes and their magic shields. 

Gotham City looked quite fantastic parading through the streets in North Bay, and although windy and cold, the team made it through wishing our City of North Bay, a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 

We won 1st place in our Category for the float and we have Sharron Cadger, Susan Nosko, David Sway (our Truck Driver), Peter Valenti (our Float-Builder) and many more from the office that helped make the dream a reality!

We truly hope that you enjoyed the Santa Claus Parade this year, hope to see more of you out next year!


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