Getting Close to Completion of Habitat Humboldt Home

Getting close to Christmas and getting close to completion of the Duplex for Habitat families. Tim Prytula, Site Manager, believes the families should be able to move into their new home by the end of January. Great news!

We started off the month of November with a booth at the 2012 Business Showcase and Tradeshow hosted by the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce on November 3 and 4. It was a success as 13 volunteers signed up.

By November 13, the City of Humboldt began the dig to put in the water and sewer lines under the road. Cold days and ground just starting to freeze made the task more challenging but the City employees were up to it. Conexus Credit Union also arrived at the house to begin the first of two Sponsorship Days and were busy painting. Val Graf, Community Relations Regional Coordinator at Conexus, stated that it was important for Conexus to help out as,  "Conexus has always been really involved with Habitat for Humanity." Along with their help painting, Conexus also made a cash donation of $2000.

  Conexus Volunteers 

During Sponsorship Days, Habitat provides lunch and snacks to the organization or business working, and the Humboldt Collegiate Institute Home Economics class, served a super lunch on November 13. On the 14th, Susan Grieman did the lunch preparations and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Painting continued upstairs on both sides of the Duplex and then the action heated up on November 21 as there were many volunteers on site. A group from the Information Services Corporation (ISC) office in Humboldt was downstairs on one side of the duplex, constructing cabinets for the bathrooms and kitchen. These ladies had committed to working on the house for two days. As ISC Customer Service Representative Lois Indzeoski explained, "We presented on behalf of Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan, $2000. That's to support the community and life events that ISC is committed to." What a cheerful group of workers!


Information Services Corporation:  look like they are having fun!


On site were also members of the Humboldt RCMP, who gave an afternoon to the project. Some were installing

laminate flooring and cutting holes in the floor for the hot air registers, while others assisted with the cupboards.

 Meanwhile on the south side of the duplex, the Royal Bank employees under the management of honorary RBC employee Murray Frank, were busy installying the laminate in the kitchen, living room and bedrooms.

RBC employees and Murray Frank just getting started                                Of course we are having fun!


TIme for a quick break: Coffee provided by Tim Horton's in Humboldt


On November 21, the lunch was provided by Laurel Merkosky and Marie Saretsky: quite a crew to feed but they sure appreciated the excellent meal. Haley Renwick, the owner of the Humboldt Subway, provided the lunch on the 22nd. Mmmmm, subs! 

A local concert, Sounds of the Season: Harp Concert with Martha Cowie, on November 25 sponsored by St. Andrew's Anglican and Westminster United Church Choir, raised over $800.00 for Habitat. The ladies from Curves in Humboldt were in the house on November 27 and painted closets, doors and moulding.

    Smiles all around.


Humboldt Community Services arrived on November 28 to help with the painting. They will return on December 19 to continue painting. Boy, is there ever a ton of painting to be done!

The City of Humboldt finished laying the water and sewer pipes under the road and now it was TSL Mechanical of Lanigan's turn to connect the water and sewer from the curb to the house. Unfortunately, TSL Mechanical's equipment was being used elsewhere: fortunately, they decided to make their donation to Habitat by paying, yes paying, the City to do the job.

By the first week of December, the cupboards were installed. We had run into a situation as Crone's Plumbing and Heating had been bought out so we were in need of a new plumber for the north side. Fortunately, Rath Plumbing and Heating stepped up big time. Rath Plumbing and Heating took over and the ducting was completed, the water heater installed, and by December 17, the furnace was up and running! No more electric heaters had to be plugged in on that side. MNM Plumbing & Heating will continue working on the south side and by the end of the week, the furnaces should be operating.

December 3 was a big day as the Good Neighbour Store made their donations to over 40 organizations in Humboldt and area. Once again Habitat Humboldt was fortunate to receive a generous amount from the Good Neighbour Store. Behiel, Will & Biemans law firm did their Sponsorship Days on December 5 and 6. They were doing some finishing work as well as hanging doors. According to one volunteer, " I had never done this before and I was nervous but it was fun and I learned something too."

                                        More laughing, even Site Manager Tim is chuckling!


The Sponsorship meals for Behiel, Will & Biemans, on both days, were provided by the Humboldt Senior Citizens Club and of course they were delicious.

Another local business, Meyers Norris Penny, donated $1000 on the 6th of December. Partner Kenda Thimm stated, " It felt really good. We didn't realize what all went in to this project. There is a lot of community support and volunteers needed including the time spent by the homeowners so it really feels great to see everyone come together with this project."  MNP feels it is important to be involved in the community, something they were recognized with as they received teh Community Involvement award at the past Mark of Excellence Awards in Humboldt.

The Brick in Humboldt opened its doors on October 12. Within a week Jeff Bunko had contacted Habitat Humboldt and indicated The Brick would be willing to supply the 8 appliances required for the duplex. They would do so at less than cost and in fact some of the appliances would be free! Nationally, The Brick, is a huge supporter of Habitat for Humanity and it sure was great to see the local Brick step up to help out.

                               Grand Opening of The Brick  (photo courtesy of the Humboldt Journal)


So, what still has to be done?

Some plumbing and electrical installations, mouldings and baseboards, suspended ceiling installed in both basements, carpet in both basements, lighting fixtures, countertops installed by Eastside Countertops & Woodwork, painting, finsihing touches, landscaping by Greenside Sod and Misty Gardens - no wait - that will be in the Spring. As you can see, we still have a way to go and our  plan is to have the families moved in by the end of January.

With the continued support of Volunteers (can always use more, to sign up please phone Connie at 231-9896), we are confident it will be completed on time.

                                                               Exterior View of Duplex at 531 2nd Street



                                                          Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


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