Habitat Humboldt Progress October

Wow! Once again construction was moving at a good pace as the two plumbing companies who volunteered their labour, Crone's Plumbing and Heating and MNM Plumbing and Heating were able to finish roughing in the plumbing by the second week in September. Even Site Manager Tim Prytula was wearing a big grin on his face as he saw the progress that had occurred.

September 18 Brockman's arrived to pour cement for one side of the basement and fortunately the Humboldt Broncos volunteered their labour to haul cement into the basement. It was a late night for Tim and Les Meister, Chair of the Building Committee, as they had to float the cement well past 1 am. Brockman was back the next day as were the Broncos and the other side of the duplex was poured. On to framing of the basement.

Tim Hortons of Humboldt decided to throw their support behind Habitat and on September 17 began their annual Smile Cookie fundraiser. For one week all proceeds from the sale of their special smiling chocolate chip cookie, cost $1.00, would be donated to Habitat for Humanity Humboldt. Thanks to the support of many customers, Tim Hortons was able to donate $1,680 to Habitat Humboldt. Fantastic!

Cupe Local  #4799 signed up for a Sponsorship Day on September 22 and close to 10 workers were busy insulating both basements. As one of the workers commented, "That stuff was not even that itchy!"

Towards the end of September, Sask Power trenched and connected the power directly to the house. As well, Prairie Piling Construction Ltd and Brockmans were on the scene to pour the pilings that would support the front and back steps.

 October 4 and Hergott Electric was back to work on the north side of the duplex while Bunz Electric worked on the south side. A week later and the Knights of Columbus arrived for their Sponsorship Day, and were immediately put to work hanging drywall on the upstairs portion of the south side. Work was also done on the stairs on the back deck.

Beginning the week of October 22, Rural Drywallers, were on site bright and early to begin the mudding and taping of the whole duplex - quite a task that will take them into the second week or third week of November.

South 20 Dodge Chrysler sent several of their employees to their Sponsorship Day on October 25 and they continued drywalling. Of course, we had many individual volunteers who learned the finer points of hanging drywall during the last two weeks of October.

CA's Insulating insulated both of the attics supplying free labour and the insulation on one side at NO charge! CR Eavestroughing was at the house on October 29 and they donated their labour and completed the work that day just as a light rain began to fall:perfect timing.

Support has been fantastic! Several businesses volunteered to help this past month and new ones will be there when we begin to paint and do flooring. The number of individual volunteers has dropped off, although the "regulars" have been working. We are having another VOLUNTEER BLITZ on Tuesday, November 6 at the Bella Vista, from 7 to 9 pm. We encourage anyone, no matter your skill or comfort level, to come and sign up. You may be surprised what you can accomplish with a little guidance. Plus, it is fun and feels good to learn something new and most importantly to help out in the community. If you are not interested in building/painting etc then maybe you are interested in supplying snacks and or meals, or perhaps phoning and/or registering volunteers. We could use your help.


Special Shoutout to Dave Hilbert from Hilbert Honey for continuous use of the Zoom Boom and Skid Steer!!!

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