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ePro agents

I attended the first available Alberta ePro Real Estate Technology course recently with about 40 other Alberta Realtors. Looking around the room, and networking at the breaks, I found the following…..

ePro Realtors know how to blanket the internet with your listing, reaching the majority of buyers who troll the internet searching for properties.

ePro Realtors know how to use photos and video to highlight the best features of your home and community.

ePro agents know how to create a unique website just for their listing alone! eg.

ePro agents know to reach out to fellow agents, especially ones who are known to work with buyers in your area, to let them know about your great new listing.

ePro agents are seasoned professionals have a data base of buyers and agents who are interested in your area and they email them about your hot new listing.

ePro agents are connected, both on and off line and have a credible real estate marketing background.

ePro agents see the value in technology and understand why it is crucial to selling property.

I urge you to Google "ePro agents" to see who is a certified ePro agent in your area.

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