Century 21 PowerRealty.ca is a GREEN Brokerage

Here are the ways that Century 21 PowerRealty.ca is going green.

Broker Bob R. Sheddy and President Gary N. Chambers are pleased to announce that our pilot project over the past year has been successful, and here are some of the ways that PowerRealty.ca has been able to 'go green'.

1. We use online Real Estate forms which are sent electronically to our customers. The customer can choose which forms they would like to print out, and which ones they will just save on their email or hard drive.

2. We all use electronic fax numbers to receive documents. This again reduces the amount of paper used in a normal transaction by half. Most agents rarely print out anything faxed to them, unless it needs to be signed and sent back.

3. Electronic Marketing. Rather than send thousands of postcards and other marketing material to our clients, we are connecting with them on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter (click for Bob or Gary), LinkedIn (Bob Sheddy or Gary Chambers), etc. The gifts and promotional materials we create for our customers are always well thought out, to make sure they are useful and meaningful to the client.

4. Document Storage and Retrieval. C21 PowerRealty.ca has a sophisticated network that allows the agents, administrators, and broker to review, store, and access all documents required in the Brokerage. All of this is accessible online via secured access.

5. Recycling. Our brokerage makes a special point of recycling much of the remaining waste produced in our business. We have a system for recycling our paper, cardboard, pop cans, etc. We also recycle our shredded document files after they are held for the standard 7-year compliance period.  Because our business is so technology intensive, we upgrade our computers more often than normal. Our computers will either become a hand me down, a donation to a local school kid, or be recycled at the Drumheller Waste Management Facility.

6. Cleaning up our community. Century 21 PowerRealty.ca has organized the cleanup of many vacant sites in the valley. The list includes Hunts Place Park, the CN park across from Winks/Husky, the site east of Winks/Husky, the Imperial Oil site between Allied Distributors' new and old locations, etc. We feel is is our chance to make a huge impact and show appreciation to the community that supports our brokerage.

7. Reduce Energy Usage. Although our brokerage is in "work mode" from 6 a.m. until midnight, we have many electronic energy saving devices such as dimmers, programmable thermostats, motion sensors, photocell sensors, etc. in the buildings we own and manage.  For the properties we manage, we have been upgrading our old gas mowers to new push 'reel cutter' style mowers, and collecting rain water in stylish rain barrels located in strategic locations.

8. We are now also buying green cleaning products for our brokerage and for the properties we manage that seem to be just as effective as the previous options.

9. Skype Meetings. Our clients love Skype meetings. We each use Skype for both telephone and video calls to allow our clients to contact us quickly and easily.

(Click here to read another post by Bob Sheddy on Skype meetings.)

10. Rather than travel for hours, and burn 100 gallons of fuel, Gary Chambers (President) and Bob Sheddy (Board Member) choose to Skype into board meetings whenever possible.

For more information on how PowerRealty.ca is working to "Go Green" or how your brokerage can follow their lead, contact Bob Sheddy at 403.324.2222 or connect with him at BobSheddy.com


Recently, the content of this blog was profiled in Real Estate Magazine Online, in a front page feature story. Click here to read it on REMonline.com.

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