Complimentary Market Evaluation

For those of you who are just curious about how much your home is worth, you are in luck! Our free market evaluation certificates are in the mail coming to a home near you! All you have to do is contact one of our Century agents and let them know you would like to take advantage of the promotion. Simply provide them with the property address and any recent updates you have done to the property that might add value.

One of the benefits of having a CMA (Current Market Analysis) done on your home is to see where your home sits in the real estate market. This is essential if you are considering a move to downgrade or upgrade to another home or just to compare to your city assessed value.

If you are currently in the process of trying to sell your house on your own, this could prove to be a reality check. Without a licensed agent on your side, you do not have access to recent sales in and around your area. You are not seeing the whole picture, only what is active in your area and active listings do not make good comparables.

Talk to one of our agents and don't be intimidated to ask them questions, they are all professionals and always there to help!

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