Drumheller Average Rents 2010/2011

Drumheller rental rates
Are you pricing your rental property to match the current market?  In addition to finding good tenants setting the right rental rate is just as important. 

In this current market place many people are hesitant to invest in real estate.  Commercial real estate is different and owning a rental property is a good way to still invest. 

One of the advantages of rental real estate is the fact that you own a tangible asset.  Having your property vacant, especially for long periods of time is a huge disadvantage.  No investor wants to be scrambling to pay their bank every month. 

If you are just starting out, do your research, or ask your realtor what comparable rentals are going for.  If you are in between renters, maybe this is a time your could be raising the rent on your rental property.  Being informed of the average rental rates in your area will allow you to set your rates appropriately and ensure that your property will be rented continuously. 

Here are the 2010/2011 average rental rates in the Drumheller and surrounding market areas.

Drumheller Bachelor $444 Range $400 to 475

Drumheller 1 Bedroom $597 Range $350-800

Drumheller 2 Bedroom $652 Range 400 - 795

Drumheller 3 Bedroom $617 Range $550-700


Hanna Bachelor no data

Hanna  1 Bedroom $413  Range $305-500

Hanna 2 Bedroom $620 Range $425-750

Hanna 3 Bedroom $632 Range $500-650


Stettler Bachelor $512 Range $435 - 550

Stettler 1 Bedroom $599 Range $495-675

Stettler 2 Bedroom $659 Range $525-1050

Stettler 3 Bedroom $849 Range $750-1000


Remember, the ability to provide income, no matter what the economy is throwing at you, is the true benefit to a sound real estate investment.

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