How to become a Real Estate Associate in Alberta

First Time Application - Click here to view a diagram to the steps below

To be licensed as a first-time real estate associate in Alberta, you must complete these steps:

Step 1: Complete the Information Session
If you meet the education eligibility requirements, you must complete the Introduction to a Career in Real Estate Information Session.

*Work Permits must allow for studies and must be for longer than the time allotted to successfully complete the program. Please see Eligibility Guidelines for more information.

Step 2: Meet the Eligibility Criteria and submit application
You must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen, have a Permanent Resident Card or Work Permit*
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent
  • Be proficient in the English language

Step 3: Complete the Fundamentals of Real Estate
Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you must enroll in the Fundamentals of Real Estate. The course is required for all real estate sectors.

  • December 2012, contact the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) for further information
  • After January 2013, the Fundamentals of Real Estate will be offered by RECA ($1500) and includes online course access, a two-part manual, a two-part exam (learners pay the proctoring fee for each exam). To enroll in the course, click on this link

Step 4: Complete the applicable courses
You must choose the real estate sector where you wish to practice.

  • Option A - Authorized to trade in Property Management
    • Complete a Career in Property Management through RECA ($1,500.00)
  • Option B – Authorized to trade in Residential, Commercial and Rural Real Estate
    • Complete the Practice of Real Estate courses through the AREA
  • Option C – Authorized to trade in all real estate sectors
    • Complete a Career in Property Management through RECA ($1500)
    • Complete the Practice of Real Estate courses through AREA

**Pre-January 2003 students who completed the Fundamentals of Real Estate through AREA, you must also take Understanding Designated Agency and Transaction Brokerage (UDATB) online through RECA. This does not apply if you completed the Fundamentals of Real Estate through RECA.

Step 5: Certified Criminal Record Check
You must next provide RECA with an acceptable certified criminal record check (CCRC). You can start the CCRC application process before completing REAP. Details on how to obtain a CCRC are found here.

Step 6: Select a Broker
Once the education requirements have been met and a CCRC has been provided to RECA, you must research and select a Brokerage that best suits their goals in the practice of real estate.

Step 7: Submit a Licence Application
Once RECA has advised you that your CCRC has arrived, you must complete a licensing application with your Broker who can register you with the brokerage.

Note: If you have a criminal record, bankruptcy or disciplinary action by other organizations, the executive director of RECA will need to determine your suitability. You may apply for a suitability determination before completing REAP. To do so, complete the suitability form and forward it to RECA.

For more information about the fees payable to become a real estate industry member, please see the current fee schedule.

For additional information on the licensing process, education requirements, certified criminal record check and a suitability issues click on the links below.

Educational Requirements Licensing Process

Certified Criminal Record Check Suitability 

Information supplied by RECA

After you have your license, you can then apply to become a member of the Calgary or Brooks Real Estate boards. Once you are a member of the board, you will have access to listing property on and you will now be called a Realtor. Contact the brokerage you are joining to see what board they belong to.

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