It's Getting Hot In Here

Each blast of wintery weather reminds us prairie-dwellers that winter can have it's ups and downs.  It also makes us realize just how important those too-rare chinooks can be!  This year, staying warm doesn't have to be expensive or difficult.  We've compiled a simple checklist of 7 easy steps you can take to keep your home warm and save money on energy costs at the same time

☐  Install a programmable thermostat
With every 1°C your heat is turned down, you can save 2% on your heating bill (  Keeping the house cooler at night is one easy way to save on those energy costs.  As a suggestion, set the temperature to 20°C when you are home and awake and 17°C when you are sleeping or away.
☐  Maintain your furnace
Change your furnace filter regularly (just check it monthly to make sure it isn't dirty) and have a licensed technician come out to perform yearly maintenance.  A properly running furnace will be more efficient.
☐  Keep vents free of blockage
Walk around your home and make sure the heating and cold air return vents are not covered by items like furnishings.
☐  Let the sun shine in
Take advantage of those brief sunlight hours in the winters months and uncover your windows.  South facing windows will get the most light during the day, so pay attention to opening blinds or drapes on those particular windows.
☐  Keep the garage door closed
Remembering to close the exterior garage door will keep as much heat as possible in the area.
☐  Use space heaters if needed
For rooms that are extra chilly during the winter months, there are many choices available for inexpensive room heaters.  Most options take up little space and can often be programmed to heat during certain ours only. 
☐  Locate areas of drafts
Check your home for drafts paying particular attention to fireplaces, windows and doors.  Weather stripping can be a quick fix, as well plastic film that can temporarily cover windows to prevent drafts.

So there you have it, bundle up and stay warm to face our harsh winters, and take comfort knowing that you always have that cozy home to get back to!


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