Our top 5 tips for staging your home this holiday season!

Selling your home during the holiday season can be a bit inconvenient with all of the activity going on. With this in mind, we’ve surveyed the Internet and compiled our top 5 home staging tips for those of you selling your home this holiday season.

Like most things, less is usually more. Simple décor is often preferable and appeals to a broader audience. It’s more difficult to sell a beach theme than a well-kept classy space (HGTV, 2012). There are certain festive exceptions to this premise but generally, simple is best.

Houses should be clean throughout - reflective surfaces are often forgotten. Clean refrigerators, countertops, glass surfaces and windows inside and out (Readers Digest, 2012). It’s easy to turn a prospective buyer off when s/he sees little Johnny’s finger prints, dirt and grime on every surface.

Remove your family photos and de-personalize your space. Prospective real estate buyers want to see your home as a clean slate for their new beginning. Removing these personal artifacts will help them to visualize what their life could and would be in your space. (BC Living 10/2012).

Calgary winters bring tons of snow. Be sure to shovel and salt your walks regularly. The exterior of your home should appear as well kept as the interior. Pay extra attention to pruning bushes and removing dead plants. The exterior of the house is the first thing a prospective buyer will see and is often thought to be a reflection of what the interior of the house will be like (Canadian Living, 10/2012).

Fix the things that are broken or unfinished. That door that’s off the hinges, the handles on the cupboards that are hanging off, the light bulbs that are out – take extra care to fix the things that are broken so prospective buyers are not running a tally of “need-to-fix” items as they tour your property (HGTV, 2012).

Ask your Century 21 PowerRealty.ca realtor for more advice and tips on how to best display your house for Sale. Century 21 Power Realty agents specialize in properties in Strathmore, Airdrie, Drumheller, all quadrants of Calgary. Call 403.324.2222 if you would like us to send someone over to evaluate your home.

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