Spring Treats

It is officially springtime, and thus begins a new season of buying and selling properties!

The sun is finally starting to break through the dreary months of the same old house, on the same old property, with the same old driveway that was an absolute nightmare to shovel day in and day out during Canada’s cold and unforgiving winter. You’re craving something, and the majority of those something’s involve change. Change from the familiar, change from the dreariness, change from the same house you’ve lived in for the past twenty years. Trust me, you are not alone. Everyone’s feeling it. And thus, the new wave of house listings begins.

If you are planning on joining the fleet of sellers this spring, you are most likely going to be hosting an open house or two! With this in mind, we have found some absolutely scrumptious open house treats you can make to woo your guests and have them so over-joyed, impressed, and hyped up on sugar that they can’t wait to sign on the dotted line!

Here are our top 3 summer open house treats:

1). Since it is the season of Easter, there is a plethora of mini eggs over-running all gas stations and grocery stores. There are also loads of empty plastic eggs. Looking for something easy to put together for guests as they walk in the door? Crack open one of those plastic eggs and put in some chocolate mini-eggs! It’s a great little treat for guests to snack on and is sure to leave them with a sweet taste in their mouth after leaving your property!

2). Cake Pops have become the latest in snack trends since Starbucks released them to the world. They are fashionable and tasty, along with being easy to eat on the go and mess-free! Look up a recipe online and dye your icing in nice pastel colors! Have fun with them, and make sure you put them in plastic bags so they don’t dry out and get hard while they sit out for your guests. Bonus points if you make a little sign to go along with them that says, “Thanks for popping by!”

3). Feeling particularly generous? Try making something Strawberry Carrots! Sounds disgusting, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we would never leave you astray. What’s the first animal you think of when someone says the word, “spring”? A bunny! Now, what do bunnies like to eat? Carrots! So, melt some white chocolate and dye it orange, then dip some fresh (and cleaned) strawberries in them! With the stem still attached, they’ll look like cute little carrots! Perfection!

Open House treats are definitely not necessary, but when you do go the extra mile to make them, buyers notice! It’ll leave them with a great memory of your property, and becomes a great way for your house to stick out! Talk about one sweet open house!

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