The Perfect Recipe for a Sweet Open House

Open houses provide a wonderful opportunity for you to show off your home to prospective buyers. The hope is that they will become enchanted with the space, falling in love with all it has to offer. On this endeavor to sell your home, what is the fastest way into buyer’s hearts? You’ve got it: their stomach. Here are some fun, easy, and delicious treats to make for your next open house that are sure to make it memorable!

1). Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Pops: This delicious twist on the traditional rice krispie treat is the perfect snack for guests to pick up and eat as they explore your home! Adults will be impressed by it, and children will love it! Simply make the rice krispie treat, dip it in melted chocolate and sprinkles, and stick them on 6” lollipop sticks. All the ingredients can be found at your local food store, and your guests are sure to love them!
Recipe for Rice Krispie Treat:
Recipe for Melted Chocolate:

2). Berry Pie Bars: Nothing tastes more like home than a slice of homemade pie! However, pie can be quite messy and create lots of dishes, so this is a wonderful substitution! These tiny pie bars are perfect for buyers to indulge in as they pass through your beautiful kitchen! They are quick to eat, mess free, and will leave guests with the sweet taste of your home on their lips!
Recipe for Berry Pie Bars:

3). Sugar & Salt Popcorn: Popcorn on its own is a guaranteed way to make buyers excited, but sprinkle in some sugar and they are sure to sweeten up to your home right away! Simply make popcorn and mix in just enough regular white sugar for the difference of taste to be noticeable! It will be something different for them to snack on as they walk through your home. Put the popcorn in paper bags, and if you are feeling particularly ambitious, write a nice message on them such as “Thank you for popping by!”. Guests will love it!

What’s better then walking into a beautiful home and being handed a delicious treat? Any one of these treats is a great way to make your house stand out! Make sure that the food looks presentable and that it is clear that guests may help themselves. Make small signs describing each treat, adding any possible allergy alerts on it (such as if it contains nuts). Follow these easy steps, and your house will truly be ‘Home, sweet, home’ for open house attendees.

By: Alexandra Holden

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