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A Commercial Real Estate client from Drumheller, who is selling a flip renovation property in Calgary and is relatively new to Multifamily real estate, recently asked me if I could email him the next steps in the sales process so they would know what to expect. Either they are extra curious, or they are thinking of a career in real estate. Either way, with his permission, here is what I responded...

The Customer Service Process

When I get an inquiry for a certain type of property, I

A) First, I need to separate Prospects vs. Suspects, so I ask many probing questions.

B) I then need to Establish Rapport and Professional Trust with the caller.

C) I strive to quickly identify their needs & suggest properties that fit their criteria.

D) I immediately send as much information as I can from my blackberry. I have a ton of detail stored in my two smart phones, so I am able to send detailed info to clients ASAP.

E) I then follow up and spend time answering questions & responding to objections promptly.

F) While closing the sale, I ensure that the entire file, including the contract, is organized and complete.

My overall goal as a Commercial REALTOR / Broker is to work with every client each day, as if they have already referred me to all of their friends. In other words, I try to treat all clients as VIP clients.

I partner with all of my clients and customers and commit to helping them achieve their goals.

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