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Some Real Estate Agents still believe that they must hoard information to ensure that clients go directly to them. I disagree. I strongly believe that clients are smarter than that in 2010. Clients know that it is simple to put all of the pertinent information (legal description, title number, encumbrances, lot size, LINC number, taxes, tax roll number, list of business assets, HVAC/Furnace serial number, hot water tank serial number, etc).
I recommend that if you are considering listing your property that you ensure that your agent will put all of the pertinent details online. Not only does it make things smoother for the buyer, but also helps the buyer's agent, buyer's lawyer, buyer's inspectors, buyer's insurance agent and seller's lawyer to access the information without contacting the agent. My goal, as an agent for my Seller's, is to help them sell their property as quickly as possible by:

1. Organizing the listing information.
2. Presenting their property to the world on the internet.
3. Signing the property with the exact URL of the property. (
4.  And then negotiate and facilitate the sale with great communication and stellar customer service.

What more is a seller looking for?

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