Village of Carbon Listings - Residential Lots for Sale

58 Diamond Valley Close Village of Carbon
$34,650 Taxes included

Roll# 3160 Lot 30 Block 14 Plan 1011734

LINC 0034 311 613

Lot size: 689.410 sq m 7420.70 sq ft

Frontage 18.00 m 59.06 ft

Price: Base $33,000  GST $1,650 Total $34,650

Ask your Century 21 agent about the Municipal Tax Incentive or how you can become eligible to receive $5,000 off the Listed Lot Price

Pricing: Here's a link to "Carbon Realtor lot pricing info.pdf" in my Dropbox:

For more information on these lots, you may contact

Stacey at 403.321.2222

Gary at 403.820.2121

Karen at 403.821.1111

Kim at 403.820.2100

Broker Bob Sheddy at 403.823.2222

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