"Why I think QR codes for Real Estate are the modern day Betamax : Google Goggles will win"

Real Estate QR Codes

I have never been excited with using QR codes for Real Estate (the little square boxes that if scanned, will take you to a URL). Why don't I like them?

1. There seems to be different types of scanable codes and code readers: QR, MS Tag, etc. It is unlikely that the public will download multiple different types of scanners.

2. Often the code just takes you to a url. Whatever happened to a short simple URL. It's not like these fingers of mine can't type 10 characters. I press on thousands of characters a day.

3. I put the Url for my listings on every sign, newspaper ad, etc. www.century21.ca/201014039. This seems to work well because buyers are willing to type in a 20 letter URL to have access to all of the information.

4. The real estate business is all about listing numbers and photos. Clients already look for the listing numbers (so they can view photos)

Google's come up with a new way to link ads with sites that doesn't require any extra information encoded on the image, leveraging the image-search technology behind Google Goggles.

Pick up any recent magazine and there's a good chance you'll spot a QR code or Microsoft's new MS Tag in advertisements; the 2D barcodes have been popping up all over, from newsstands to posters. You can use your smart phone to scan one of the glyphs and it will redirect you to more info on that site.  While that works just fine, Google's method of linking-up ads seems a little less intrusive.

A small notice in the corner of ad lets you know that Goggles will recognize the image. Snap a picture and Google's app will direct you to the website the company has recorded as linking-up with that ad. Some of the first companies to get on board with the system include Disney, Buick, etc. Google had already enabled Goggles to recognize company logos, so expanding that connection to recognizing a company's ads does seem like a logical extension.

The main image-based search component is trained to recognize certain images, like famous landmarks or works of art, and connect you with further information on them.

You can now download the Google Goggles app for both the iPhone and Android devices. If they extend Google Goggles to a blackberry, I can see it taking off.

I don't think it will be long before we'll be able to connect up the photo of the front of the house to the online listing.  If clients can drive around town, and snap a photo of any house with a for sale sign on it, and have access to the listing information (regardless of the agent, brand, etc) buyers will catch on and Google goggles will flourish.

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