0 Down Payment Mortgage / Cash Back Mortgage

I was speaking with my mortgage broker colleague, Jeff Evans, a few days ago, and I was expressing the difficulties that some of my clients in the Surrey area face when trying to buy a home.  They will often have good credit and strong income, but have not yet been able to put a down payment together to buy a home.

He then told me that he has experienced the same thing, and that he works with clients who are in that exact same situation!  Not only that, he has been successful in getting them approved for mortgage financing to buy a home! He has been able to arrange for them a 0 down payment mortgage / cash back mortgage.

This was exciting news for me and I am looking forward to helping the people who have had difficulties in the past find the home that they have been dreaming of.  He states that it will not be for everyone, but there are many people it will work for, and that anyone who doesn't have a down payment should see if they can qualify with him.

You can check it out on his website:

0 down payment mortgage / cash back mortgage

Or call me today and let's see how we can help you buy your home!

Bobby Bisla

Bobby Bisla

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