Not all doom and gloom for buyers in the Vancouver market

Opportunities to buy available in certain segments

Ok, its true...the Greater Vancouver housing market is supernova hot.  I recently had buyers attempting to buy a townhouse in Surrey.  We were one of 13 bids on the property, and it sold for $90,000 over asking price.

This has been frustrating for many buyers in the Vancouver area.  It is all over the news, and the government is SLOWLY looking into making changes that are shutting so many local residents out.  I know this will also be discouraging for people who think that there are no opportunities to buy a residence for them to live in. However, I am happy to report that there are segments of the market that are LESS hot than the detached house and townhouse markets that give buyers a chance to get into the market with reasonable prices, less competition and much greater affordability.

This can give many people a chance to get into the market and start to build equity while enjoying the appreciation in value that real estate generally provides over time.  

We would love to help you with the process of buying a home, and will give you suggestions as to the most available segments of the market to help you begin to enjoy the benefits of home ownership.  Contact us today and tell us your story.  We are here to help.

Bobby Bisla

Bobby Bisla

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