2015 promises to be interesting

Whenever I see movement of agents from one office to another, a new office opening and the media making market predictions anywhere from "expect the worst" to "it will be flat but steady", I know we are in for a very interesting year.  The market promises to be no stronger in 2015 and we have an unprecidented number of agents working the Estevan real estate market.  Our office game plan remains the same; provide better service than our competition, reward our loyal clients with Bonus Airmiles and Vacation Certificates, and show up for work every day.  I've always told new agents to expect real estate to be a 9 - 5 job plus overtime, and that's exactly what it is.  Anyone who thinks they can be successful without putting the time and energy into it, will not  survive as a commission only salesperson.  Century 21 is one of the most recognized real estate brands in the world and our office benefits not only from brand recognition, but from the support we receive year round from our national office.  We want the opportunity to show you what we can do to make the buying or selling process worry and pain free.  And, we're the only real estate company in the world that can offer airmiles - if you're making a move in 2015, give us a call or check out our website at century21.ca/borderrealestateservice

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