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Let's see.  Great prices.  Great interest rates.  Great selection.  A few of us have been here for both the boom and the bust years - and I can assure you that this is the best time to buy.  What goes up must come down and visa versa.  The Bank of Montreal has lowered interest rates yet again, so if you have been sitting on the sidelines, saving up for a house purchase, I suggest you come in and meet one of our agents for a buyer's consultation.  We can explain the process, all of your costs (because there is more than the down payment to think about), and negotiate a fair price on the home you select.  The market is active and we are finally seeing renewed activity in the higher value homes.  Whatever your price range, we will have something to fit your budget and lifestyle.  Call us today for a no obligation buyer consultation. 

Technology is a great tool for buying and selling, but it takes more than technology to understand and navigate the process.

(We also provide seller consultations at no charge too).  The Century 21 office in Estevan is At Your Service.  Call 634-1020 or find us on Facebook.

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