Fabulous Fall Reminders

There are a variety of jobs in and around the house that are best suited for the fall — tasks to maintain your home and things to do to put the garden to bed. To give you ample time to prepare and plan, check out this guide to autumn upkeep.

         In the Home 
  • Check the exterior of your home for any signs of required repair. This includes damagedshingles on the roof; deteriorating bricks or mortar on the chimney; warping or rotting siding; flaking of painted surfaces; and any cracks .
  • Ensure all gutters and downspouts are cleaned out
  • Clean all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Change the batteries and run a test.
  • Replace the furnace filter. You also might consider arranging for a heating professional to check your heating system

    In the Yard
  • Move houseplants inside. (This includes whatever container plants or shrubs need to be brought in from the cold.) The best time is when outside temperatures are similar to those indoors. Washing leaves with a mixture of mild soap and water will help plants respond better to diminished light and also will reduce the chance of bringing any pests indoors.
  • Plan next year's garden. Plant spring-blooming bulbs. Divide any perennials that need thinning (including peonies, daylilies and astilbes) six weeks before the first frost to give them time to establish themselves.
  • Prepare all gas-powered equipment for storage. Consider having your lawn mower blades sharpened now, so they're ready to use in the spring.
  • Clean and store your garden tools. Clever trick: Fill a bucket with sand, and then pour vegetable oil evenly over the top. Pushing your tools through this mixture will remove debris and also help make them safe from winter water damage.
  • Close valves to outside faucets and ensure all hoses are free of water before storing
  • Put away lawn furniture and ornaments

Don't forget to enjoy those final warm days of fall. A walk in the leaves or a bonfire with friends make fall my favorite season. Enjoy !!

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