Green Design

I am a HGTV addict !Recently there has been a run on shows featuring "Green" homes. There is always some good to take from these shows, however, some are off target. I really don't understand the people who are building the 3800 square foot home for the two of them.They some how think that if they put in energy efficient appliances in and bamboo floors they are living green. It has become a real trend. Some are doing extensive renovations to homes with the same claim. Somehow I think that the better choice would be to redo and reuse if possible.

When I redesign I always try to think of how I can reposition, reuse or redo a piece before it is cast off. The old magazine rack was painted antique white and put in the bathroom. It looked spectacular with rolled, coloured towels, far better than it ever had in its original form.Look around the other rooms of your home and in the basement for these treasures.Anyone can get that magazine look if you have the cash to buy it. I think the real reward is achieving a look on a budget, using what you have. That's just my thoughts for what it's worth.

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