Green for more than a day

Yesterday was Earth Day and hopefully everyone made some effort to make a green choice. What if we all made one change every day for the whole year. This is my challenge to you.Could you take a go mug instead of getting a disposable cup. I know certainly not during" Roll Up" time but maybe after that. Could you bag a lunch and pack in reusable containers instead of take out and a bag of garbage straight to the trash ? Small changes add up !

Thank-you to the schools in Estevan who were out picking up garbage on the highway yesterday.Amazing to see the bags and bags of food containers  and garbage they collected.I want to know why it's there in the first place. Who are these people who can't hold on to it until the next garbage can ?I can't imagine just rolling down the window and letting it fly.I could go on about this pet peeve but I will spare you. Hopefully all those kids who know first hand just how much garbage collects will  help change just one attitude.

Well it looks like a fabulous weekend. Enjoy. Next time I will be talking about Green Design. Please feel free to comment .



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