Ground Cover for those Impossible Spots!

Bishop’s weed (Aegopodium podagraria), also known as goutweed, is a leafy perennial groundcover, seen most commonly in its variegated form.    This easy to grow, green and white plant is perfectly suited for its space that was previously bare ground with a few random struggling grass tufts on our property. It fills in a long, 2-foot wide strip of land between our house and our neighbor's house. It’s also in a shady spot  that is not reached by our sprinkler system. Despite the lack of sun and the dry earth, it remains bushy and colorful throughout the summer, adding a bit of interest and light along an otherwise boring path.  Bishop's weed is super hardy for our area, and pretty much maintenance free!

It can spread very aggressively by rhizomes, so care must be taken when choosing a spot to plant it. Many gardeners consider this invasive plant a pest and warn against planting it, but it is very hardy and will spread quickly to fill in a bare, neglected area.  Mine is bordered on all sides by concrete and house, so it will not be spreading anywhere!

You could even try planting tulips bulbs along the same strip of ground. The flowers will bloom just as the bishop’s weed begins to peek out of the dirt. As the flowers and their greenery fade, the bishop’s weed will just be reaching its 10 to 12 inches of height and will take over the area for the summer.  

Stay tuned for more hardy planting solutions!

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