Is The Time Right To Sell ?

In real estate, timing influences your home’s selling price. Working with a REALTOR® can help make timing work for you.When lots of people are looking for homes but not many are for sale, it’s a ‘seller’s market’, because the seller has something everybody wants. When there are lots of homes for sale and not many people buying them, it’s called a ‘buyer’s market’ because buyers have more power of choice.Currently in Estevan we are finding shortages of homes in many price ranges.There are currently 60 residential properties listed on the MLS system in Estevan.

 Winter sales tend to be a bit slower, and spring sales are more brisk. Regardless, there are always people looking for a new home.By finding out what your home is worth in todays market ,your Century 21 Agent will have your home ready for the market. You will be placed to sell.

If you are moving in town we can help you find your new home . We can help you through the decisions of whether to buy or sell first. We can negotiate closing dates and direct you to those who can help you with your financial needs to make it happen.Your Century 21 Agent can show you all properties listed on the MLS system.

Century 21 Border Real Estate Service is your connection to homes for sale in Estevan and area.


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