Is a New or Existing Home Right For You

Buyers have  many choices these days. After narrowing down the location and selecting the type of home you want to purchase , there’s one more decision to make: Should you buy a new home or an existing one?

The answer depends upon both your budget and lifestyle.

Purchasing a new home is a major investment in time, as well as money. You’ll start decorating from square one, with paint ,cabinets,floor selections and window treatments.This can be exciting to customize your new home but it all takes time.You will also be starting a yard from scratch. Trees, grass and fences need to be thought of in your budget.Estevan provides tax benefits with the CANDO program for new homes.Your new home will likely be in an undeveloped area that will take a few years to develop.

Bargains on existing homes are available in todays market as well. An existing home that fits your tastes can save you time and money. There may be no need to purchase window treatments. The landscaping will be mature. Costs of an existing home—such as utilities and taxes—are well established and readily available. Monthly costs are easier to budget for.You will be purchasing an established yard with fencing and landscaping at least started.When purchasing an existing home you will know what the neighbourhood looks like ,and enjoy the immediate benefits of a  mature area.Taxes on older homes are usually lower than new homes.

As you can see there are excellent reasons to select both new and existing homes.Call your Century 21 Agent to help you decide what is right for you !

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