So this is happening in my yard. Momma robin has built her nest in my bird feeder. We have two babies on the way. It seems sad with a Realtor available just steps away, she has made such a bad decision. Here is what she will soon learn:
1.Although a home my be ready for immediate occupancy, it might not be right for you.
2.Know about your location and neighborhood. A home three feet above ground with two dogs, just might not be the best choice.
3. Consider your future plans. Although this home suits you now, you may quickly out grow your space.
4. This was an obvious for sale by owner transaction. You should have checked with me. Resale is nearly impossible here.
5.Just because it is entirely possible to cut your own hair, do your own plumbing and electrical, or buy and sell homes on your own does not mean it is a good idea. You tube and hgtv is a poor substitute for a professional. 
So call me. I can help. Have a ridiculously amazing day. 💖

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