Lift Your Spirits With a Bedroom Makeover


Winter has been long for homeowners in Estevan.I don't know anyone who couldn't use a little lifting of spirit.A bedroom makeover could be just what you need. 

Understanding the basic elements of creating a comfy bed is the kind of must-know information that will help when it comes to giving your bedroom an updated look.Think layers!



When it comes to picking sheets, a higher thread count does not always equal greater comfort. Thread count actually measures the number of threads per square inch, not the softness, style or quality of the material.Thread counts ranging from 200 to 400 work well with a quality single ply combed 100% cotton sheet.Since softness can depend on so many factors such as the type of fabric, thread count, price and the manufacturer,  touch test a variety of sheets to find what feels best to you.  

With a few easy colour additions or changes, you can turn your bed into the centerpiece and decorative statement in your space.People tend to want their bedrooms either light and airy, or dark and cozy.Decide which style is comfortable for you.Choose a base colour for your bed like soft blue , lavender or mossy green or browns. Include complementary coloured patterns with the use of pillows, throws or blankets.You could start with a neutral like white or gray and add a few bright pops of colour for a striking effect.If you own some great accents or artwork use them  as inspiration for mixing complementary colours with your bed linens to give your bedroom a unified look.

The bedding you have on hand can easily be changed with the addition of new fabrics with pillows, throws or sheets. Use a variety of textures, colors and patterns to add contrast and style to the bed. Be bold,try using solid-coloured, square pillows with a patterned throw that incorporates complementary colours from a textured comforter. Accent pillows often have interesting stitching or patterns that can add depth to the top of your bed.A comfortable blanket or quilt can be folded in various ways and draped across the comforter .Try having your duvet, comforter or throws monogrammed for that personal touch. With a few easy changes to your bedroom décor, you can unwind and enjoy a fresh and relaxing space .

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