Never ending changes in our local real estate industry

The New Year always triggers "moving" decisions for real estate agents.  I'm not quite certain if it's the "grass is greener" philosophy at work, or if it"s the entrepreneurial spirit, so inherent in most of our agents, that results in this "there must be a better place to work".   Our work is unique in that we never know, one day from the next, which of our interactions with clients will result in a pay check.  We've all experienced the heartbreak of showing 20 homes to a wonderful young couple only to find, one week later, that they walked into an open house and bought that house from another agent.  Or the listing presentation we thought we aced, only to find, one week later, that the sellers listed with another office.  This is a job that requires tremendous patience, persistence and commitment. Commitment to honing communication skills, to knowing our local market inside and out, to reading everything real estate, to understanding and participating meaningfully in our community.  When new people arrive in our community we have to be able to speak about so much more than houses.  We are "The Chamber of Commerce on Wheels" if we are doing our job well.  One of the reasons our office has been so successful for over 20 years is just that.  We don't simply see ourselves as people who sell houses.  We see ourselves as people who have the responsibility to welcome new people to our community while providing honest and sound advice about the real estate market.  We work together as a team, share experiences and ideas, and use the tools made available to us with Century 21 to be the best in the industry.  We offer stability and consistency in service - that's why we're still doing what we love to do after 20 years in Estevan.  Although I expect this year will be very challenging, I also have no doubt that our team has the skill set to meet any challenge head on.  And we'll water the grass faithfully so we don't have to go searching for greener pastures.  

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