On a Frayed Spot, Put A Little Lace

Well I could loose credibility today. I have natural oak cabinets. Yes it's true, and I don't think I am going to paint them white. I will give you a moment to collect yourself. I must admit that the thought of it has crossed my mind. I had to step back and really think about whether I disliked them, or if I had been programmed to dislike them.Turns out the later was true. I opted for new hardware and chose a fantastic piece of granite, and you know I am pleased. The caramel hues in the granite look great with the warmth of the wood. I splurged on a farm sink that almost makes me want to wash dishes.

So why leave the oak ? I guess because I see a lot of houses. There are some homes that are considered dated today that I believe will have classic charm at a later date. I am a sucker for a character home. I could openly weep when I know that the new owners  are going to strip  the fabulous baseboards and trims in a home and replace them with white painted mdf. Maybe it comes from my love of antiques but I'd take the banged up hardwood floor and trim over new anyday.I'm only referring to quality wood here. Anything else is subject to the white paint treatment at my house,too.

So before you tear something out and throw it in the landfill ask yourself a few questions. Perhaps with a few improvements you could love your home again. New and shiney isn't always better. On a frayed spot, put a little lace!

If you have ever heard  someone say " My Mother used to have that. I can't believe she got rid of it.", take a moment to decide for yourself. It's your home.

Melony Dew is a Century 21 Realtor, staging consultant and decorating enthusiast located in Estevan, Sk.

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