Price Is Right

Over-pricing you home can have a big impact on your selling experience !

If you over-price your home, you could miss out on serious buyers!

Generally buyers look at all homes suitable in their price range. You could end up making your competion looking like a deal !

Lowering your price later may make buyers wonder what is wrong with your home.

Pricing your home reasonably, the first time, is critical to attracting the right buyer.

You waste valuable time showing your home . Homes need to appraise at the lending amount for the mortgage approval . An inflated price means the deal may fall apart due to financing.

All Agents have extensive data on what is avaiable, what is sold and what has expired on the market. Using this information we do a comparative market analysis establishing the perfect price for your home. 

Setting a realistic selling price ensures everyone wins. Call us today for more information on selling your property !

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