Redesign- Reduce & Reuse

This weekend I took on the project of redoing my office.I have just announced that I am stepping back into full-time Real Estate sales.My office is great for my duties as office support and marketing. However, I am a "stacker" not a filer and the  deco was well...retro. Retro, not in a good way !

Part of my interior design coarse was in redesign and green decorating. My take on green design is not to throw out something that might have a purpose. I do agree that renewable products with a green footprint are great choices. For me keeping something from the land fill that can be repurposed and reused is my contribution to Mother earth.With this in mind, I have set out to redesign my office into a beautiful space with buying next to nothing new.So far I have some funky chairs that are a great addition and I jazzed up my bulletin board. It is a small start but it makes me smile . I will keep you posted on my progress. Now to find some decorative shelves....

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