Selling in a changing market

We are edging towards the end of the first 1/4 of the year - it's hard to believe - and it's evident to me that a sluggish market, with softening prices, is here to stay for awhile.  That doesn't mean we are not busy.  The interesting thing about real estate markets is this - up or down, busy or quiet, there is ALWAYS a real estate market.  The needs of people; moving transfers, estate settling, marriages, the addition of children to households, continue to require our services whether oil is up or down.  What we are seeing in the current market is a new buyer - people who are committed to the community and plan to stay.  They are looking at the lower prices and low interest rates and saying "hey, this is a good time to buy".   Buyers are in the driver's seat and have plenty of selection in all price ranges.  So, if you are a seller, your challenge is this - to achieve the best possible price in our current market by being priced "best in show".  

I believe you can achieve a sale by doing everything you can to get your home in the best shape possible first - by that, I don't mean total renovation, I mean paint touch ups, in depth cleaning and general de-cluttering, and then, take a look at your competition in the market and the most recent sales, and price yourself just UNDER those numbers.  By doing that, your house will be the best available in the price range and encourage an offer.  We have all of the market information you require to make an informed decision.  We are a full service real estate company, with 8 full time agents, working 7 days/week to match your house to the right buyer.  And remember, Century 21 is still the most recognized brand in real estate.  We have a referral network that is international, and as bonus, we are the only company that offers Air Miles as an additional thank you.  We are at your service and will be happy to meet with you at your convenience.  

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