Summer Time Spaces




Outdoor spaces can bring so much enjoyment in the summer months.Here are a few ideas for your space.

Fun Outdoor Spaces

Don't limit your furniture choices to that matched set you see in the flyer every week. If a matched set is what your heart truly desires then by all means seek until you find. But you’ll have far more success if you open your eyes to the possibility of mismatched pieces. Take a look at what you could use outdoors. With a little creativity and outdoor paint you could have some great options already in your home. You do not have to have all pieces the same colour. Try some fun summer pops of colour on different pieces and unify with cushions.Outdoor fabric can be used for slip covers or curtains if you have enough.

Imagine other uses for common items. Cover that old planter you aren't using and perhaps it could be a side table. Just think weather proof and the sky is the limit. Economy in decorating your outdoor space does not have to result in the absence of taste or comfort. Candles for lighting in interesting holders add a calm relaxing feeling. Outdoor rope lighting run along the deck edge might work better for your theme. Garage sale and dollar store finds are great for this time of year.  You might have to work a little harder but think how much satisfaction you will derive from a space that you made work, for next to nothing.

If you have created a great summer space send us a picture. We'd love to see your ideas !

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