Using Your Time Wisely With Your Realtor® - For The Buyers

Time is always of the essence. Whether you are in a buyers market, sellers market, or an equal market time is always ticking off the clock when you are actively going through your real estate transaction.  For example: a property can sit on the market for 4 months at a time during the peak selling months in the spring/summer, and be priced accordingly with the market, and still by coincidence manage to get 2 competing offers on it on the same day. It happens much more than you would think.  So just when you think it is a good idea to let the sellers become "more motivated" by taking another day to wait to put your offer in, you do have to remember that another Realtor® is always potentially showing the house to their clients. Not to mention if you like a particular property, chances are it is only a matter of time someone else will see good in that particular property as well, no matter how long it has been on the market. This brings me to the most common question from buyers, "Have the sellers had any offers, and if so what is the lowest price the sellers will accept?".  All offers placed on a property are a sealed and confidential item! No Realtor® is allowed to have that information go out to the public as that would continually and exponentially drop the price and leverage for the sellers entire transaction. If you are interested in a home and want to know what a seller would be willing to negotiate for the price of their house there is only one way to find out....write an offer!  If you are serious about the price of a house you are pursuing, then write an offer and get an answer back on paper (that way, if you like what they send back, you can SIGN IT)!  Do not ask around or talk to the neighbors or look for rumors, and please do not ask your Realtor® to tell you confidential information about one of your neighbors or community members biggest life investment.  

Now with that being said, I would never expect anyone, even my most experienced clients, to rush head first into purchasing their chosen property, however; as a buyer you cannot make the mistake that you are the only buyer out looking at properties.

Shane Ross 

Century 21 Border Real Estate Service 


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