Whew! When did fall arrive?

It seems as though the weeks since spring have flown by.  Here we are in fall watching the leaves turn and wondering what winter will bring, not only for weather, but also in the real estate world.

We have seen a few changes this year and as my counterparts have mentioned they are not necessarily bad changes.  We have inventory to give our buyers properties to choose from, rather than being pressured into the quick purchase.  Buyers can now take their time and feel that they are making informed, good, decisions.  We have all styles of properties available to all different types of shoppers out there - apartments, townhouses, duplexes, senior designed living, revenue properties, and a large selection of single family homes in all price ranges.  It's like getting to the store when the boxes have just been unloaded, all the best choices and sizes to choose from!  It couldn't be a better time to be a buyer in the Estevan market.

As for myself, I have been busy over the summer not only with work, but with trying to keep educated and up-to-date with today's real estate.  I attended our annual conference in Niagara Falls this month and networked with agents from all across Canada.  I attended seminars on our business and how to work well in this new technological world.  The way we purchase properties is changing, and we certainly need to be ready to embrace that new plan.  I also attended an education course on representing sellers.  It was an intense couple of days, with a ton of great information on how to be a better agent for all of my sellers, and ultimately my buyers as well.  I am looking forward to implementing many new tools to my business and will be proud to put the SRS (Seller's Representative Specialist) designation behind my name.  

If anyone out there would like to chat about our market and how it could be working for you, feel free to give me call or drop me a line.  The one thing I truly love is talking about houses!


Roni Sue Coulter

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