Whose House Is It Anyway?

As A Realtor I get to see many interesting homes every week. Some are charming and bursting with personality, some are lacking that special something. It's a difficult balance when trying to sell a home. My job when marketing your home is to make it appeal to the most potential buyers. Sometimes this means striping away some of the things that I love most. Having a neutral pair of eyes look at your home can be a great advantage. When staging your home I will likely be editing and re-purposing some of your furniture and accessories. I always tell clients to put the personal feelings aside because I am now their business partner. We might have to tweak things. What I am telling you is for selling purposes only and not meant to insult. How we live in our homes and how we sell them are two very different things!

One the other hand I love visiting a home where you can feel the family that lives there. The things they love and share are on display and you get a glimpse of who they are. It's not always photo shoot ready, and that's ok. It doesn't have to be . If it's functional and says welcome home to you it is perfect. Have a look around your home. If there is an item that no longer makes you happy, put it away or get rid of it. Maybe it's time to bring some of those wedding presents that you have been saving out. I know, you were saving them for "something special". Guess what, it's time.It doesn't get more special then having a home to call your own.

Melony Dew is a Realtor, staging consultant and decorating enthusiast located in Estevan, Sk.

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