Dominion Heights Homes

2013 is off to a relatively strong start - sales are steady and we've just introduced Trimount's line of new homes.  Three floor plans to choose from and plenty of interior options.  Estevan has always been desperately short of home builders, and although the few other builders we have are good craftsman, they simply cannot keep up to demand.  We are confident that Trimount will bridge that gap with a good selection of contemporary homes. 

On the re-sale side of the market, prices are holding steady and showing signs of levelling off.  There is enough product on the market to ensure competition and choice. 

Rentals are still lagging.  We receive calls daily asking for rental accommodation, and although we have some success placing people, we advise individuals who are thinking of relocating to Estevan to have a place secured BEFORE arriving in Estevan.  It's a very tight and high rental market, with rents anywhere from $800/month for a single room to $3000/month for a 3 bedroom house. 

Please be advised - rental accomodation is hard to find!!!

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