From where? to there! – Making your house buyable.

When you list your house with me, it is my job to attract buyers.  Together we can work to make your home more buyable.

There are great websites and experts out there who will give you tips on “staging” your house to sell.  Feel free to bake cookies before a showing, plump the pillows, and even paint over that colourful wall.  Go for it.  Everything helps.  But I am talking about a slightly different perspective.  Put yourself in the buyers’ perspective!  Stage your house to be buyable.

Start from the outside in.  And remember, it’s not all about how it looks.  Think about the buyers’ other senses too.

  • Curb appeal is very important, especially in a competitive market.  Is a buyer going to be impressed by your gnome collection?  Is that untrimmed flowerbed edge going to make the buyer think twice about on-going maintenance?  What’s that funny smell?  It’s all about first impressions at this point, including;
  • Make the front door say WELCOME, and not just with a new mat! Make it a clean, bright, and open area.  Remove any personalized items like the “The Smith’s Castle” sign or that extra gnome that crawled up onto the steps.  Consider painting the trim and giving the doors a good scrubbing.  Does the doorknob feel strong and clean to the hand? 
  • Once inside, it’s likely the buyers will take their shoes off.  Make sure the entry has lots of room for this.  A deep clean of the carpets will make them feel richer underfoot.
  • You are used to how your home smells, either good or bad, but the buyers aren’t.  Look for ways to deodorize and put away things that scent the air.  Try to achieve a neutral state… no smell!  Get your friends to test it with you (the one that brags about knowing everything about winetasting should work well!).
  • Look up!  We tend not to do that in our own homes.  Look at the light fixtures, ceiling fans, window treatments, and far corners for signs of dust and webs.  Buyers will look up and around more than you will. 
  • Depersonalize the house by packing up the family portraits and knickknacks.  Let the buyers imagine their lives in their new house… not your house.
  • Declutter.  Everywhere.  Start your packing early!  This may be the single most important thing to do and to do early.  Decluttering early helps greatly with the real estate photos.  A vast majority of home searches start on websites and quality photos can create interest. Clean and clear countertops will make a kitchen look bigger and allow the buyers to imagine themselves making supper there.  Remove smaller items from the floor (magazine stands, baskets of pet toys, etc.) to make the floor space seem greater.  Even consider removing some “extra” furniture.
  • And here is one last tip especially for Sundre!  Our water can leave very heavy deposits on shower doors, tubs, and kitchen sinks and faucets.  Spend some time removing what you can and then keep it that way.  Kitchens and bathrooms are the “shiny objects” for most buyers.

When you list your home with me, we can have a chat about making your home buyable.   We can assess where the best efforts and expenditures lay.  It just might help land the right buyers at the right time.


Brad Lindeburgh

Brad Lindeburgh

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