Local gravel pits a concern for residents

I recently attended an information session put on by St. Marys Cement at the Burford Community Center and was surprised by the turnout for the meeting.  First I was surprised of how many did show up but then when I sat through the session and facts were presented and I was able to look at some of the studies I felt that many more people should have shown up.  There are a lot of issues surrounding the purposed pits and existing pits that residents of Brant County need to get informed on, not just the residents that live nearby the area.  I don't live right in the area that will be affected but near it and have some concerns surrounding it. First I want to say that I don't fault the land owners for allowing their land to be used, if one of these companies waived enough money in front of me I would probably do the same.  However I do have concerns with the project for a few reasons.

  • The amount of large trucks on the roads in the community (up to 40 per hr)
  • The area not getting revitalized properly and becomes an eyesore
  • The affects on the local house prices and its market
  • Possible expansion

You don't have to look to hard to find where all the good aggregate is in the County and once a license and a pit is open and expansion is much easier to pass.  They talk about improving infrastructure to accommodate the trucks and will fix any water issues resulting from the pit but I feel that if these companies are allowed to open these pits that a precedent will have been set and where will they stop? Take a look at the aggregate map of the county and you will see what they are after and want to go.  I think that all residents in the county and on the edge of Brantford should  inform themselves to the issues, the next spot they want might be beside your house.

Click on the link to read the article and how to contact the Ministry with any concerns.  http://t.co/IywRfRze



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