There's No Room in a Real Estate Transaction for an Egomaniac


I've always enjoyed quality over quantity.  Give me one great suit instead of ten mediocre ones.  The same goes for service, and that includes real estate service.  I received both as a buyer and seller in my pre-agent days, but I hope I have only given the quality kind.

Don't get me wrong; things do go wrong, mistakes are made and there are many cracks the myriad of details can slip through.  A real estate transaction takes careful monitoring, constant file checks and a massive amount of communication to keep tabs on all the moving parts and participants--not to mention working with the personalities involved.

I've always felt it was a win/win when the seller feels they sold a little too low and the buyer feels they paid a little too much; when each agent feels they did more than their fair share of the work, and when no one reminds anyone how great they are and why.

Few consumers really care how many homes you sold last year or in the last decade.  They care about this sale, their sale.  What you did in the past is history.  It is about this customer, the quality of service provided and handling each transaction with integrity and professionalism. 


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