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Looking for a new build home and also want to help the environment? GREENbilt Homes are the first greenhouse certified home builder in the Halton region. GREENbilt homes are a custom home builder in the Halton region and offer their clients a wide range of green features from an extensive menu of passive sustainable alternative choices when it comes to custom home builds. They build homes that work with nature to keep them comfortable, use resources like water and energy sparingly.

Passive Homes


A passive home is the world’s leading standard in energy efficient building design, produces the lowest energy consumption per square foot


Net Zero Homes


A net zero energy (NZE) house is designed and built to reduce household energy needs to a minimum and includes on-site renewable energy systems, so that the house may produce as much energy as it consumes on a yearly basis.


Some examples of the types of green features in GREENbilt House are:

Energy Efficiency:

Many small improvements to a conventional Heating, Cooling and Ventilation mechanical system that combine to create great savings in energy utilization while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment

Radiant floor heating

Heat recovery system

Passive air intake pre-conditioning

Hot water recovery system

Instantaneous hot water system

Windows rated for northern climates

Lots of insulation with the type and amount varying by location and need

Lighting with LEDs, Xenon, CFL bulbs

Motion sensors for bathroom lighting

Water Conservation:

Low flow facets and showerheads

Dual flush toilets

High efficiency washing machine

High efficiency dishwasher

Healthy Indoor Air Quality:

Minimal use of stains, resins or glues in any aspect of the home construction

Low VOC paints throughout

No-toxicity carpeting made with a high percentage of recycled material

Millwork boxes formaldehyde free

Recycled, Sustainably Sourced or Local Materials:

Sustainably source certified lumber and wood flooring

Quartz kitchen counters with a high percentage of recycled beer bottles

Cork flooring with a high percentage of recycled wine cork

Recycled plumbing fixtures

Recycled granite bathroom countertops

American Clay wall treatments made of recycled marble

Interface Floor recycled carpet

Interested in learning more about GREENbilt? Head over to GREENbilt’s website to find out more.

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