Oakville's "coolest" pools

It is hard to imagine sipping margaritas by the pool (let alone being warm) during these harsh winter months.Let’s all go to our summertime “happy place”, and take a look at the top 5 pools currently for sale in Oakville.


274 Donessele Drive

This secluded, private backyard outdoor pool provides the ultimate in relaxation with full woodland foliage covering the entire perimeter.There will be no neighbors peaking in to see what the Jones’s are up to! This pool scape features an overflow hot tub and an open concept pool house equipped with a fireplace. This home takes full advantage Canadian summer which is sadly often short but beautiful.


239 Church Street

No matter if it is 30 above or 30 below outside, this elegant indoor swimming pool will help you keep that beach body during the winter months. This Oakville home features a temperature controlled full length swimming pool underground.


174 Dianne Ave

This backyard oasis is on fire!Gas lit torch lamps light the way into this backyard lagoon, and set the mood for a tropical getaway in your own backyard. Coming in at number three, this fiery pool side will make hot summer nights sizzle as swimmers take a cool dip below.