Helping to Improve the Canadian Economy


I have decided to do my part in helping to improve the Canadian Economy.  Normally every year we take a holiday- -a farmhouse in Italy and hiking the Dolomite's, touring Athens and the Greek islands, or 3 weeks in  Singapore and Bali - but this year we're staying in Canada.

Why take our Canadian dollars and spend them elsewhere when we have some of the most beautiful countryside right here at home.  This year we are travelling to the east coast and spending three weeks in  Newfoundland, the province of rugged coastlines, great seafood, museums, lighthouses, lots of theatre and local music, and warm and welcoming people.

Check for highlights of our trip in the near future.

Brenda Jorke

Brenda Jorke

Branch Manager
CENTURY 21 Prudential Estates (RMD) Ltd.
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