This past year, we sold our home of 14 years and purchased another.  I am sharing the experience and the process from the view of the Seller and REALTOR®


So now you have an offer on your emotional experience as you just can't help but take the numbers, dates and conditions personally.  Once you get over that, you try to negotiate price and terms you can live with.  I am always telling my Buyers that when you make an offer on a home, you should keep in mind that you can always increase as you go, but you don't want to upset the Seller and ruin any chance for negotiation.  Never is that more true than experiencing it first-hand (and I work with the REALTOR® regularly)

We had to keep reminding ourselves that it was a starting point for the negotiation but it is definitely difficult.  Once you can get past that and negotiate the offer and get it accepted, you will be well on your way.

Then the waiting begins again!

We were not purchasing right away as we had family that needed some short-term help so we were going to be moving twice (OMG) but we didn't have to shop and coordinate dates for moving so planning the move was not dependent on that.

After the stress of waiting for conditions to be filled and inspections and walk-thrus, you realize that you won't have to keep the house ready for a short-notice showing or open house (Thank goodness)  but the hard reality of I HAVE TO START PACKING! sets in.

Trust me, the more organized you are while you are putting all of your treasures and belongings in the boxes, the easier settling in will be when you get to your new home!

Start getting boxes early...I purchased boxes as I was going to be storing most of my possessions for a while and I wanted to be able to stack them easily.

Good tape.  Nothing is more frustrating than lifting your box of china and the bottom lets go!

Good marker.  Label your box ON THE SIDE...I was writing the contents on the top of my boxes..I thought I was so organized and prepared to find what was in each box, only to realize that when they are stacked four high....well, you get the picture.

You can always colour code the boxes with post-its for your movers whether it's friends or for the kitchen, blue for the living room etc.  Just remember to keep the list that deciphers where each colour goes handy.  It can save alot of time and money when you are paying movers by the hour.

Come back and visit my blog soon....PART 3??  Moving checklist, what to expect when you meet with your mortgage professional and your lawyer.

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