If you were going to court for a very important case, one that could have a serious mpact on your future, would you want an inexperienced lawyer representing you? A lawyer without a track record and without any references? Of course not ?

So, why then would you let one of your most valuable assests, your home, be represented by an inexperienced or UN-qualified agent? Too often we see home sellers choose their agent based upon someone they know or someone who offers the LOWEST COMMISSION. Just as an experienced lawyer can change the outcome of a trail , so can an experienced real estate agent improve the outcome of your home sale. You would pay top dollars for the best lawyer so apply the same principle of compensation with one ( if not the most) valuable assets...YOUR HOME, Don't abandon it to the lowest bidder.


An experienced agent can get MORE for your home than an inexperienced agent. Want top dollar for your home? Hire the agent upon their experience and track record not solely on commission.


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