Why Should You Get a Home Inspection !

Whether you're Buying or Selling a Home, You should have a Profession Home Inspection Performed.

A Home Inspector will look at the systems that make up the builsing such as:

*Structual Elements,Foundations, Framing ETC.

*Plumbing Systems


*Cosmetic conditions, paint siding,etc.


If you are Buying a home, you need to know exactly what you are getting. A home Inspection performed by a Professinal Home Inspector , will reveal any hidden problems with a home so that they may be addressed before the deal is closed. You should require an inspection at the time you make a formal offer. Make sure the contract has an inspection contingency . Then, hire your own inspector and pay close attention to the inspection report . If you don't feel comfortable with what the inspector finds, you should kill the deal.


Likewise, if you are a Selliing a home you want to know about such potential hidden cost problems before your home goes to the market. Almost all contracts include the condition of a satisfactory home inspection report. Most Buyer's are going to insist the inspection be conducted by a professional home inspector usually by an inspector they hire. If the Buyer's inspector finds serious problems  it can be a cause for the Buyer's to not completing the deal and walking away. Surprised problems uncovered by the inspector will cause delay for the deal and usually you as a Buyer will have to pay for these repairs or paying a lower price for the home.A Home Inspection should be a must for all Buyer's to protect themselves!!

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